Wednesday, 30 June 2010

The finished garden

The finished garden

yes!! the garden is finally finished I'm glad to say. we finished it yesterday, putting the gravel down in both sides of the garden and moving the pot plants up their, and arranging them nicely. today i'll show you the pics of the main side of the garden. and tomorrow i'll show you the other side. below this post is the before pics of the garden. xx

Sunday, 27 June 2010

wyvale garden centre

On thursday mum and i went to Wyvale garden centre in Lelant, we needed to get more plants for the garden, to put in the flower beds. mum bought some alpine plants for the garden and i bought some plants for my room, i bought a Cacti garden pot plant, a Haworthia cacti plant, a Chamaedorea Elegans palm plant. i also bought some lovely brown metallic looking pots, and a craft book with 16 different craft projects to do. the new palm plant looks great, i just hope i can keep it alive. I'm looking forward to trying out, the craft projects in the book, I'm thinking of trying a salt dough project first, in the next couple of days. i've never made anything from salt dough before, just hope it go's well. we had a great time in Wyvale, shopping for plants. the garden is still not quite finished, but its getting there, my brother derek put the fish pond in better, on the other side of the garden and removed some soil from there, ready for the gravel to be put in. and mum and i put the last lot of flowers in the flower beds. we are just waiting for the gravel to be delivered on tuesday, to finish off both sides of the garden. the weather recently, has been great, perfect weather for gardening. well i guess the garden will be finished soon enough. it will look great when it's all done. here are the pics above of the plants i bought for my room. the garden pics will be on here, in the next few days. xx

Tuesday, 22 June 2010

In the garden

I've noticed recently that the back garden, was in a very sorry state after the bad winter weather we had, the rockery in the centre of the garden were full of weeds, overgrown flowers and a rotten wood border. mum, my brother derek and i decided to get rid of the rockery altogether and flatten it out. it took all day to do, and i also cut down a tree which was their, that had overgrown, it just didn't look right where it was and it was to big to dig up. we've kept the sloping rockery because it still looks good, it just needed two small tree's removed, some weeding done, and a few flowers put in. i also weeded and tidied up the rest of the garden, over a few day's and raked up the soil, to flatten out the centre of the garden. we are going to gravel or patio out, the centre bit leaving a sloping rockery at one end of the garden and a flower bed at the other end. we may put some pot plants in the centre. it should look great when it's all done. i still cant believe how much work we had to do, to get it looking like this, very hard work, but well worth it. we still have the flower bed to do and the gravel to put down. and maybe a few pot plants. i used to hate gardening until now. now i love it, and cant wait to see it finished. here are the pics above of what it looks like so far. i will post an update pic, when it's all finished. shen xx

Monday, 21 June 2010

Just for fun mondays 4.

Just for fun mondays, is a weekly dose of, five fun questions, for you and i to answer, feel free to join in and have some fun. please post your answers in the comments below. :-)

1. where is your fav place to go, to relax?

2. your fav month is?

3. funniest moment?

4. what 3 things would you take on a desert island? (no food or drink)

5. what's your fav thing to do on a sunday?

here are my answers:

1. the beach.
2. October ( my birthday :)
3. sitting on a wall and getting covered in ants.
4. ds game console, 42 games card, fishing net.
5. read blogs.

Saturday, 19 June 2010

The Summer Tea Treat

Every year our village, has a summer T treat, the children from the local school, get all dressed up and walk around the village, in the colorful parade with a brass band playing, some people were dressed as clowns and one was dressed in a bear suit. some children were wearing martial arts clothing. and other colorful clothing. and a man was walking on stilts all dressed up. they also make giant paper animals, to walk around the village with. it's great to watch the parade and listening to the band playing. up in the school field they have stall's selling cake's and other item's and also game's for the children to play. they have raffle stall's, and stall's selling toy's. the children and the oap's get a free T treat bun at the local school. i was hoping to get some photo's today of the event, but unfortunately my dog escaped from the garden, and i had to go and find him. oh well, i guess there's always next year hay!. xx

Thursday, 17 June 2010

A funny thing

A funny thing that happened to us year's ago.

One day mum and i was sitting in the living room, watching t.v, and in walked this teenage girl, who we didn't know and she sat down on mum's lap and went to sleep. well we couldn't believe it!, mum looked at me!, i looked at mum!, with a puzzled expression on our faces, mum said who is she!?, i said i've no idea, she opened our two outside gates, the backdoor and the living room door, before she came in and sat down on mum's lap, anyway i phoned my brother jason, and told him what had happened, but he didn't believe me, he thought i was joking!, so i handed over the phone to mum, and mum told him, it's not a joke!, she's sitting on my lap!. he took some convincing but eventually, he came up, he said laughing, i don't know who she is, anyway he said well i'll go and get my friend, maybe he'll know who she is, luckily he knew who she was and went out to get her brother and father to pick her up. her sister had just moved in up the road from us, and she must of forgotten what house her sister live in. she came back the next day embarrassed, she bought flowers for mum and apologized to her for what had happened. someone had spiked her drink at a night club, that she went to. we were just glad she came here, rather than anywhere else. it was so funny, we still laugh about it today!.

Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Inspirational quotes

Here are some more quotes, that i like. i thought i'd share them with you. hope you like them. xx

True happiness in life,
is to believe in yourself,
dream as well as act,
be kind and helpful to others
and to love one another.

I don't know the key
to success,
but the key to failure is
trying to please everybody.

Always do right, This
will gratify some people
and astonish the rest.
mark twain

Recall it as often as
you wish, a
happy memory
never wears out.

The more you praise
and celebrate your life,
The more there is
in life to celebrate.

Monday, 14 June 2010

Just for fun mondays 3.

Just for fun is a weekly dose of, five fun questions, for you and i to answer, feel free to join in and have some fun. please post your answers in the comments below. here are the third weeks questions:

1. what animal/bug do you fear the most?
2. who is your fav celebrity?
3. love or money?
4. can u name three artist?
5. your fav color is?

here are my answers:

1. a snake well the poisonous ones.
2. tom cruise
3. definitely love
4. van gogh, manet , monet
5. sky blue

Saturday, 12 June 2010

The kittens update 1.

Well i haven't blogged for a while, i have had a very worrying time, my mum got taken ill and had to go to hospital, so i've been busy visiting her, and feeding the kittens, she has had lots of test done, but thankfully, the test came back fine. the doctors are still not shore what was wrong, but she feels much better now and she came home on friday I'm glad to say. mum has to go back as an out-patient soon, for one more test on her stomach, so I'm hoping, that'll come back fine too. when i got home from hospital, i started feeding the kitten's for the first time, lucky's milk has started to run out, and the kittens were getting hungry, so it was time to feed them milk off a teaspoon, and what a challenge that was, the first feeding took me 30 minutes to feed five kittens, but they are getting good at it now, and they are growing so fast, they've got there eyes & ears open, and are starting to get there teeth through, they are also starting to walk. they are so cute and quite nosey, one black kitten is the nosiest, he sits up with his head held high, looking around and wonders off quite fast, as though he's looking for something. so i've been quite busy lately as you can imagine, i just hope that mum's other test will come back fine, fingers crossed hay. well i'll leave u with these pics of the kittens for now. luv shen xx

Monday, 7 June 2010


Okay, so i love my nintendo ds, who doesn't ?, i bought it last year, it was and still is the first game console i've ever owned, and i love it!, i love it because it's small and easy to carry around, and the fact you can take it anywhere you go. my top three favorite game's are:

1. 42 all-time classics.
2. mario kart.
3. more touchmaster.

42 all-time classics have some fab game's on it, bowling, darts, billiards, solitaire, dominoes, backgammon, grid attack, & rummy, these are the game's i play the most, but there is so much more on it. mario kart is great too, it's so much fun racing through the different courses avoiding the obstacles and winning the trophys. and more touchmaster the game's i like the most on it are rampage empire- you have to unscramble the letters to make a word as fast as you can, then a character destroy's the floor. catacombs- you have too go through a maze, callecting coins go in to dungeons, avoid the monsters and go to the next maze. and speed demon you have to race through the streets avoiding accidents and objects as fast as you can. my ds is great fun especially in winter or on dull rainy day's. love it!.

Sunday, 6 June 2010

Just for fun mondays 2

Just for fun mondays 2 is a weekly dose of, five fun questions, for you and i to answer, feel free to join in and have some fun. please post your answers in the comments below. :0) . here is the second weeks questions:

1. what is your fav film?

2. chocolate or chips?

3. most annoying t.v advert?

4. what would you change about yourself if you could?

5. your fav season is?

Here are my answers:

1. the money pitt film, it's hilarious!
2. definitely chocolate.
3. the go compare car insurance advert grrrrr.
4. my weight.
5. summer.

Saturday, 5 June 2010

my niece leanne and katie

Here is a photo of my niece Leanne with her Daughter Katie. Katie is Leanne's first child, and she loves her to bits.

my niece's

Here is a photo of my niece's, Shelby back left, Abigail back right and Baby Suzanne. they are my brother Mark & Sue's children. Mark also has two other children Leanne and Andrew. Shelby love's coloring in and reading her book's, Abigail also likes coloring in. baby suzanne like's to look at pretty lights and listening to lullaby's. mum and i go to mark and sue's house at christmas and they cook us a lovely meal, sue is a good cook. we always have a nice time there, when we go. and it's nice to see the children too.

Thursday, 3 June 2010

The Family

I am a sister to five brother's, jason , ian , steven , mark , & derek. and an aunty to twenty. ten niece's and ten nephew's and also a great aunt to three children. yes we have quite a big family, but they are all great. we don't see them as much as we used to, but we do see them at christmas which is nice. In the photo in the far left corner at the top is my brother mark centre holding shelby his daughter, when she was a baby, left side of the photo is my brother steven with his daughter victoria when she was younger, siting by his side.
In the right top photo is emma and my brother ian with their children ryan left and shannon right, when they were a bit younger.
In the middle left photo is my brother derek holding a shovel.
and in the middle right photo is jason's friends in the back and my brother jason in the front.
and last of all bottom photo's is mum on st'Ives beach. and me bottom right. It's great being an aunt and sometime's i spoil the younger one's, with paper craft things. I have no children of my own, but maybe one day i will. well i hope you've enjoyed reading about my family, i have to get going now, my pets are looking hungry at me. bye for now shen xx

Tuesday, 1 June 2010

Jason's Birthday

Well it's my brother's 23rd birthday today. Happy Birthday jas!, hope you enjoy your chinese at your mates house and have a fab night out celebrating with your friends. don't get tooo drunk, hugs sis.