Friday, 30 July 2010

Joke - Three mens valuables

Three men are in a car which is about to crash. They all decided to throw out one valuable item.

The first person throws out a rock. The second throws out a pen. The third throws out a grenade.

Their car crashes and they survive the crash. Then, they all start walking back to get their valuable items.

The first man sees a little girl crying and asks her, "little girl, why are you crying? "The little girl replies, "someone threw a rock at me!"

The second guy sees a little boy crying and asks him, "Little boy, why are you crying? "The little boy replies, "someone threw a pen at me and poked me in the eye!"

The third guy sees a fat kid laughing really hard and so he asks him, "Hey kid, why are you laughing so hard?" The fat kid replies, "I farted and my house blew up."

joke from funnyville web site

Thursday, 29 July 2010

New homes

this is zeva my kitten
and this is katie mums kitten.

We've recently found new homes for three of the kittens. which is good and they seem like really nice people. there children were so excited to get there new kittens and i know they will be loved in there new homes. we are keeping two of them, two black & white ones. here are the ones we are keeping, and the names we chose for them. xx

Monday, 26 July 2010

Kitten update

And here they are again, getting up to mischief.

Kitten update

The kittens have grown so much, and are more cute now than ever before. my fav kitten is the one above this one, he's the one that gets up to the most mischief.

Sunday, 25 July 2010

My finished room

well i've finally finished my new look room, and i think it looks great. i bought new lamps/ornaments/bedding & curtains/a canvas picture and 2 wall picture frames to frame the pattern pics that i drew. finally everything matches up well, and looks fab. i just love how my room looks now.

Friday, 16 July 2010

20 Things about me

1. I like doing all sorts of crafts.
2. I'm a chocoholic.
3. I hate dishonest people.
4. I love helicopters.
5. I enjoy reading other people's blogs.
6. I like all animals.
7. I hate nasty & violent people.
8 . I like to draw and paint sometimes
9. I hate animal cruelty.
10. I like swimming.
11. I like going to new places.
12. I like children & babies.
13. My fav place is the beach.
14. I hope to have children someday.
15. I hate pasta.
16. I like people who are kind.
17. I love my pets.
18. I hate drunks & drug addicts.
19. My fav food is roast dinners.
20. I love shopping.

Wednesday, 14 July 2010

A Cornish poem

Here is another Cornish poem i like, i thought id share this with you today :)


A good sword and a trusty hand
A merry heart and true,
King james's men shall understand
What Cornish lads can do!

And have they fixed the where and
And shall Trelawny die?
Here's twenty thousand Cornish men
shall know the reason why!.

by Robert Stephen Hawker

Monday, 5 July 2010

Salt Dough wall decorations recipe

A few days ago, i made these salt dough wall decorations. for my room, i wonted to make some nice wall decorations that would go with my new bedding set & curtains. i wonted a new look for my room , so i have been buying brown and beige color items and new bedside lamps. i had fun making the wall decorations, it was the first time i've ever tried making something from salt dough, one wall tile i made did crack, and bits broke off, so that one was no good i had to throw that one away. but the rest turned out fine. after i made the dough i used pastry cutters for the shapes, and added some textures using a fork, a pin and the rounded end of a paint brush. then i put the shapes in the oven, BUT MAKE SHORE THE OVEN IS AT THE RIGHT TEMPERATURE or else it will crack the dough, i made that mistake with the wall tile. when the shapes were cooked hard. i left them to go cold. then i painted them with acrylic paints. the next day i put the first coat of varnish on them, leaving the front side to dry first before turning them over and varnishing the back. i varnished them three times on each side. when all the varnishing was done and dry. i finished them by threading some ribbon trough the holes, to hang them up with. I'm really pleased with how they turned out. DON'T FORGET TO MAKE HOLES IN THE DOUGH BEFORE COOKING TO HANG THEM UP WITH.

Here is the salt dough recipe:-

230 g/8 oz/2 cups plain flour
200 g/7 oz/1 cup salt
250 ml/8 fl oz/1 cup water
Oven temp 120 oC/250 0F/gas 1/2 cook until the dough is completely hardened all over. mix together the flour,salt and half the water in a mixing bowl.
knead the dough well, gradually adding more water until the dough has a smooth, firm consistency. if it's too dry add a tiny amount of water. if it's too sticky add a little more
flour. roll the dough out with a rolling pin , but don't roll it out too thin. then make the shapes you wont. then put in oven to bake, until the shapes are hard all over. when cold paint them with acrylic paints. when paint is dry varnish both sides with POLYURETHANE MATT VARNISH. I USED CLEAR GLOSS POLYURETHANE VARNISH. leave to dry. here are the pics above of the one's i made. have fun!! shen xx

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Good news

Good news!, Jason's op was a success he can move his hand now. mum and i are so happy for him. we are both glad it worked this time. hugs to you jas!.

Thursday, 1 July 2010

Other side garden

Other side garden

Here are the pics of the other side of the garden. the before and after pics. it looks great now it's all finished. but we are thinking about putting more pot plants around. it looks a little bit bare to us.