Tuesday, 22 June 2010

In the garden

I've noticed recently that the back garden, was in a very sorry state after the bad winter weather we had, the rockery in the centre of the garden were full of weeds, overgrown flowers and a rotten wood border. mum, my brother derek and i decided to get rid of the rockery altogether and flatten it out. it took all day to do, and i also cut down a tree which was their, that had overgrown, it just didn't look right where it was and it was to big to dig up. we've kept the sloping rockery because it still looks good, it just needed two small tree's removed, some weeding done, and a few flowers put in. i also weeded and tidied up the rest of the garden, over a few day's and raked up the soil, to flatten out the centre of the garden. we are going to gravel or patio out, the centre bit leaving a sloping rockery at one end of the garden and a flower bed at the other end. we may put some pot plants in the centre. it should look great when it's all done. i still cant believe how much work we had to do, to get it looking like this, very hard work, but well worth it. we still have the flower bed to do and the gravel to put down. and maybe a few pot plants. i used to hate gardening until now. now i love it, and cant wait to see it finished. here are the pics above of what it looks like so far. i will post an update pic, when it's all finished. shen xx

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