Monday, 31 May 2010

Just for fun 1.

Just for fun is a weekly dose of, five fun question's, for you and i to answer, feel free to join in and have some fun. please post your answers in the comments below :0)

1. what was your happiest moment?

2. what do you most fear?

3. if you could describe yourself in one word, what would it be?

4. your fav animal is?

5. if you could have 3 wishes granted, what would they be?

My answers are:-

1. winning a holiday to Barbados in 1996
2. violence
3. creative
4. a dolphin
5. good health, money, love

Saturday, 29 May 2010

on the beach

On the beach

We had a lovely day on the beach on thursday, just me and mum, we went to porthminster beach in St'Ives Cornwall. when we arrived there we had a drink outside of the beach Caf'e, enjoying the sunshine and the cool sea breeze. later we relaxed on the beach, hoping to get a nice tan. the children there were flying there kites and playing cricket, they looked as though they were having lots of fun. all though the sea was calm, it was a little too cold to go swimming, so we stayed on the beach to enjoy the sunshine. , across the water you can see hayle beach, and in the far distance you can see godrevy beach, both beaches are lovely, but the sea is more choppy there, thats were the surfers like to go. you can also see godrevy lighthouse in the far distance. the holiday makers were enjoying themselves too. building sand castles for there children and taking lots of photo's. we had lunch and i took a few photo's myself. i may do a painting from one of them sometime or put them in a scrapbook. a few hours later it was time to go home. but we had a lovely day out. and the weather was great too.

Wednesday, 26 May 2010

A Cornish poem 1.

As most people know i am 99% Cornish, i say 99% Cornish because i can't speak the actual language because we wasn't taught it. it's kind of a lost language because not many people can speak it. but i was borne in Cornwall and have lived here all my life. and yes don't laugh i do sound like a farmer when i talk, but i am not one. well ok you can laugh if you must. well anyway i thought you would like to read a comical Cornish poem, it's one of my favorite , well here it goes.

Janny Jim Jan

Janny jim jan
The Cornish man
walked out on bodmin moor,
A twist of rye
for a coller and tie
And his boots on backs yvore. *

`janny jim jan',
The children sang,
`here's a letter from the king of spain'.
but janny turned nasty,
Hit'em with a pasty,
sent'em home again.

(* means the wrong way round )

poem by Charles Causley

Monday, 24 May 2010

jason's op

jason has had his operation , on his arm & hand. he had it done in london. it was a 4 & a half hour operation. but we've got our fingers crossed that in time he'll have full use of his hand again. he has to go back london in a few weeks for a check up, to see how it's healing. me and mum went to see him in his flat today. he's not in too much pain, so thats good. his hand is bandaged up so that his tendons in his wrist can heal better. jason & his friends have been laughing about it, because it looks kind of funny, they call him club hand, the devil's. jason tease's them too, but just in a fun way.

Thursday, 20 May 2010

fantastic cakes

This is the cake i made last year for my birthday, i wonted to have a go and make a cake myself, this was the first cake i ever made myself. using the recipe my nan passed down to mum, and mum passed down to me. to make fantastic cakes every time, all you have to do is:- weigh 6 eggs in their shell's, togeather in a scales, note the weight of it. take the eggs out, then weigh the self raising flour to the same weight as what the eggs were. put in mixing bowl. then weigh the sugar the same weight as the eggs. add to mixing bowl. last of all weigh the butter the same weight as the eggs and add to mixing bowl. break eggs add to mixing bowl. then mix until nice and fluffy. divide in to two cake tins, then put in a pre heated oven at temperature of 190 cO. for about 15 or 20 minutes , when brown, to check, its cooked take out of oven. put knife in centre of the cake, if it comes out clean then its cooked. if not put back in oven for a little longer. when cooked push out cake on a cooling rack, leave to cool. when cool spread over bottom cake, with shop bought butter icing mix or make your own. put top of cake on. then either dust the top with sieved icing sugar or spread butter icing on top like id did here. add chocolate sprinkles to finish. if i can do it anyone can. good luck! and enjoy.

Wednesday, 19 May 2010

luckys kittens 2010

more pics of lucky's new kittens.

luckys kittens 2010

well finally , lucky has had her cute little kittens, they were borne this morning, at 10.30. she had 5 of them, the first one borne was a black & white one, then a tabby kitten, then the other 3 black & white ones, the great thing about it is they are much bigger then her last litter, her last litter, only one survived and that was tommy. tommy was the size of my thumb, and was too weak to climb and feed so for the first few days i had to hold him up so he could feed off lucky. but luckily he survived and now he's big and eats all the time. well any way i hope you enjoy these pics, and i will put more on here as they grow. shen xx

Sunday, 16 May 2010

A Cornish walk

I took these photo's, while on a country walk, down the great flat load, near my home in Cornwall,in june 2008. I sometimes take my dogs for a walk down there, because the view's are breathtaking, overlooking the Cornish countryside and Tin mine's, the walk goes on for miles, their are many animal's to see down there both wild and farmyard animal's, i often take photo's, to use at a later date to draw and paint from or to scrapbook. my dog's love playing in the stream down there and people on horseback travel through their often. the hedgerow's are full of blackberries at the end of june, we like to make blackberry crumble with them, delicious!, it's great to see the baby animal's in the spring, the lambs are so cute. we never know what we'll see next down there, we saw a fox running across the path one day, and believe me that doesn't happen very often. another time we saw millions of tiny frogs, we didn't know what they were until we got up close to them. and we saw a lizard with orange spots on it's back. the baby rabbits are cute too. its amazing how much wildlife we see. well i thought i'd share these photo's with you, for you to enjoy too.

Saturday, 15 May 2010


Jason my youngest brother has been through quite a lot, he had a bad motorbike accident a few years ago and badly damaged his arm and hand , he's had two operations so far but they didn't work very good, he damaged his tendons. so we've got our fingers crossed that the next operation will do the trick. good luck jas!.


My mother jenny playing bingo online, she's had a few win's but nothing big so far, jason my youngest brother taught us how to use the computer we didn't even know how to switch it on let alone surf the net. don't laugh! hee hee. but we are both pretty good at it now, i've learnt more then mum, so i often help her when she needs it. Thanks jas for teaching us!.

Wednesday, 12 May 2010

our pets

Sebastian, or Seby as we call him, is looking cool in his bandanna. we got him from a friend and she told us he'll be a small dog!, but would you believe it , he diden't stop growing!. but we woulden't be with out him now. we should of called him Houdini, he's alway's escaping from the garden, he can jump over our 6ft wall and open the frontdoor and interior doors himself and im not joking!. he's a good natured dog, who's quite a character.

our pets

Holly is a jack russell, who love's her squeaky toy's, she used to be a rabbiting dog before we had her, so we keep her away from rabbit's and cat's, but she's a good natured dog who love's her biscuits.

our pets

Snowy was one of Holly's pup's, he love's to play with rope toy's and going for long walk's, he also love's biscuits and he know's when the casualty music finishes he has to go to bed, he know's the tune well.

our pets

Lucky was found by my brothers, lying by the roadside near where they work, she was in quite a bad state, but my brother ian brought her home, he couldn't keep her as his children are allergic to pet hair,but he knew we'd take her in, and here is where she stayed . she's a good cat and have had a few litters of kitten's, one of which we kept his name is Tommy. she is expecting to give birth again, enytime soon, so im looking forward to that. watch this space for update's of her new kittens.

our pets

Tommy, one of lucky's kitten's, that we kept. he's a cheeky little thing that loves to play in the Tesco bag, i guess he just wont to go shopping!, hee hee. he love's to stalk us, then leap at our feet. he love's his scratching post and playing in the garden.

Tuesday, 11 May 2010

Inspirational & Happy Quotes

I thought i'd share, some of my favorite Quotes with you today, some are inspirational Quotes and
some are great for when your feeling Low. i dont know who wrote them, but i like them all the same. hope you like them too?.

1. A successful person is one who can lay
a firm foundation with the bricks that
others throw at him or her.

2. life's challenges make's you
stronger and wiser.

3. treat yourself everyday
is special.

4. success comes in cans,
not cant's.

5. put your future in
good hands - your own.

Monday, 10 May 2010

Hi im Shenade

Hi everyone, im shenade, im 32 and live in cornwall, cornwall is a great place to live esspecialy in the summer. with all the lovely beaches we have, i like to spend my time on the beach, just relaxing and enjoying the sun. i also love clothes shopping , but im not fussy on the lables. if i like it i buy it. i also have a love of art, i like to draw and paint sometimes. my work is on my other blog shen's art, along with my paper crafts that i like to do. i hope you enjoy looking at my work, i had fun painting them. well thats all for now shen xx