Sunday, 27 June 2010

wyvale garden centre

On thursday mum and i went to Wyvale garden centre in Lelant, we needed to get more plants for the garden, to put in the flower beds. mum bought some alpine plants for the garden and i bought some plants for my room, i bought a Cacti garden pot plant, a Haworthia cacti plant, a Chamaedorea Elegans palm plant. i also bought some lovely brown metallic looking pots, and a craft book with 16 different craft projects to do. the new palm plant looks great, i just hope i can keep it alive. I'm looking forward to trying out, the craft projects in the book, I'm thinking of trying a salt dough project first, in the next couple of days. i've never made anything from salt dough before, just hope it go's well. we had a great time in Wyvale, shopping for plants. the garden is still not quite finished, but its getting there, my brother derek put the fish pond in better, on the other side of the garden and removed some soil from there, ready for the gravel to be put in. and mum and i put the last lot of flowers in the flower beds. we are just waiting for the gravel to be delivered on tuesday, to finish off both sides of the garden. the weather recently, has been great, perfect weather for gardening. well i guess the garden will be finished soon enough. it will look great when it's all done. here are the pics above of the plants i bought for my room. the garden pics will be on here, in the next few days. xx

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