Thursday, 17 June 2010

A funny thing

A funny thing that happened to us year's ago.

One day mum and i was sitting in the living room, watching t.v, and in walked this teenage girl, who we didn't know and she sat down on mum's lap and went to sleep. well we couldn't believe it!, mum looked at me!, i looked at mum!, with a puzzled expression on our faces, mum said who is she!?, i said i've no idea, she opened our two outside gates, the backdoor and the living room door, before she came in and sat down on mum's lap, anyway i phoned my brother jason, and told him what had happened, but he didn't believe me, he thought i was joking!, so i handed over the phone to mum, and mum told him, it's not a joke!, she's sitting on my lap!. he took some convincing but eventually, he came up, he said laughing, i don't know who she is, anyway he said well i'll go and get my friend, maybe he'll know who she is, luckily he knew who she was and went out to get her brother and father to pick her up. her sister had just moved in up the road from us, and she must of forgotten what house her sister live in. she came back the next day embarrassed, she bought flowers for mum and apologized to her for what had happened. someone had spiked her drink at a night club, that she went to. we were just glad she came here, rather than anywhere else. it was so funny, we still laugh about it today!.


  1. Wow...what a story Shen. As you say, good that she chose your house to enter. *Ü* I love your quotes in a previous post. TFS. ~Glen~

  2. Bless her! At least you found out who she was :)

  3. oh my.....its funny but thank god she came home and nothing bad happened

    BTW thanks for your lovely comment please feel free to enter the giveaway over on the blog right now

  4. oh wow how odd, but at least she headed for somewhere safe. Great story, you should scrap it, maybe with a photo of a cocktail or something.