Wednesday, 25 August 2010

Sun set over cornwall

Yesterday i captured this lovely sun set, here in cornwall. down the field near where i live. it was so nice, i just had to take a photo of it, and put it on my blog for all to see. hope you enjoy! xx

Friday, 20 August 2010

Out shopping

Mum and i went penzance shopping yesterday. i bought a new pc charger, and im glad to say it's working great, i really missed using my laptop I'm happy now :) . i also bought two fab new ds games touchmaster3 and 101 in 1 games. they are both good games, i will be playing them later on today :) . mum bought a new coat and just in time too, the weather was ok in penzance while we were shopping. but as soon as we got on the bus it started to rain. we stopped off in town on the way back. but got soaked :( oh well we still had a nice time. i just hope the weather improves soon, its been raining all day today. I'm glad I'm not going anywhere today thats for sure. yesterday was a funny kind of day. two goth's male & femail got on our bus and i joked with mum, i said all we need now is a clown on the bus, then i couldent believe it, two people got on the bus, one had colorful hair raps in and the other wore her hair up high with a big flower in her hair, and bright makeup on. well we were in stitches laughing. and if that wasent bad enough. when we got in town later there was a man dressed in an old army uniform, waring a guitar on his back that had the name Elvis on it, the bus driver was in stitches laughing. i must admit, it was funny. so that was our day out, and quite an interesting one at that :) .

Tuesday, 10 August 2010

An update

Well i've been quite busy lately, i've been to hospital with mum, mum has had more scanes done. still waiting for the resalts, hopefully all is ok. fingers crossed hay. and weve been to the vets with lucky our cat, to have her opperation. so no more kittens for her. yesterday lucky had a check up, to see how the scare is healing. thats healing fine, im glad to say. and my pc plug has banged off, and is no longer working. so using mums tiny computer at the mo. i prefer the bigger ones , its easier to see what your typing. the garden is looking great, all the seedlings are coming up and hopefully will soon flower. well thats all my news for now, hope you all have a good week. shen xx

Friday, 30 July 2010

Joke - Three mens valuables

Three men are in a car which is about to crash. They all decided to throw out one valuable item.

The first person throws out a rock. The second throws out a pen. The third throws out a grenade.

Their car crashes and they survive the crash. Then, they all start walking back to get their valuable items.

The first man sees a little girl crying and asks her, "little girl, why are you crying? "The little girl replies, "someone threw a rock at me!"

The second guy sees a little boy crying and asks him, "Little boy, why are you crying? "The little boy replies, "someone threw a pen at me and poked me in the eye!"

The third guy sees a fat kid laughing really hard and so he asks him, "Hey kid, why are you laughing so hard?" The fat kid replies, "I farted and my house blew up."

joke from funnyville web site

Thursday, 29 July 2010

New homes

this is zeva my kitten
and this is katie mums kitten.

We've recently found new homes for three of the kittens. which is good and they seem like really nice people. there children were so excited to get there new kittens and i know they will be loved in there new homes. we are keeping two of them, two black & white ones. here are the ones we are keeping, and the names we chose for them. xx

Monday, 26 July 2010

Kitten update

And here they are again, getting up to mischief.

Kitten update

The kittens have grown so much, and are more cute now than ever before. my fav kitten is the one above this one, he's the one that gets up to the most mischief.