Monday, 7 June 2010


Okay, so i love my nintendo ds, who doesn't ?, i bought it last year, it was and still is the first game console i've ever owned, and i love it!, i love it because it's small and easy to carry around, and the fact you can take it anywhere you go. my top three favorite game's are:

1. 42 all-time classics.
2. mario kart.
3. more touchmaster.

42 all-time classics have some fab game's on it, bowling, darts, billiards, solitaire, dominoes, backgammon, grid attack, & rummy, these are the game's i play the most, but there is so much more on it. mario kart is great too, it's so much fun racing through the different courses avoiding the obstacles and winning the trophys. and more touchmaster the game's i like the most on it are rampage empire- you have to unscramble the letters to make a word as fast as you can, then a character destroy's the floor. catacombs- you have too go through a maze, callecting coins go in to dungeons, avoid the monsters and go to the next maze. and speed demon you have to race through the streets avoiding accidents and objects as fast as you can. my ds is great fun especially in winter or on dull rainy day's. love it!.

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