Saturday, 29 May 2010

On the beach

We had a lovely day on the beach on thursday, just me and mum, we went to porthminster beach in St'Ives Cornwall. when we arrived there we had a drink outside of the beach Caf'e, enjoying the sunshine and the cool sea breeze. later we relaxed on the beach, hoping to get a nice tan. the children there were flying there kites and playing cricket, they looked as though they were having lots of fun. all though the sea was calm, it was a little too cold to go swimming, so we stayed on the beach to enjoy the sunshine. , across the water you can see hayle beach, and in the far distance you can see godrevy beach, both beaches are lovely, but the sea is more choppy there, thats were the surfers like to go. you can also see godrevy lighthouse in the far distance. the holiday makers were enjoying themselves too. building sand castles for there children and taking lots of photo's. we had lunch and i took a few photo's myself. i may do a painting from one of them sometime or put them in a scrapbook. a few hours later it was time to go home. but we had a lovely day out. and the weather was great too.

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