Wednesday, 19 May 2010

luckys kittens 2010

well finally , lucky has had her cute little kittens, they were borne this morning, at 10.30. she had 5 of them, the first one borne was a black & white one, then a tabby kitten, then the other 3 black & white ones, the great thing about it is they are much bigger then her last litter, her last litter, only one survived and that was tommy. tommy was the size of my thumb, and was too weak to climb and feed so for the first few days i had to hold him up so he could feed off lucky. but luckily he survived and now he's big and eats all the time. well any way i hope you enjoy these pics, and i will put more on here as they grow. shen xx

1 comment:

  1. how sweet are they. I think I 'need' another one to add to the 4 I already have!