Wednesday, 26 May 2010

A Cornish poem 1.

As most people know i am 99% Cornish, i say 99% Cornish because i can't speak the actual language because we wasn't taught it. it's kind of a lost language because not many people can speak it. but i was borne in Cornwall and have lived here all my life. and yes don't laugh i do sound like a farmer when i talk, but i am not one. well ok you can laugh if you must. well anyway i thought you would like to read a comical Cornish poem, it's one of my favorite , well here it goes.

Janny Jim Jan

Janny jim jan
The Cornish man
walked out on bodmin moor,
A twist of rye
for a coller and tie
And his boots on backs yvore. *

`janny jim jan',
The children sang,
`here's a letter from the king of spain'.
but janny turned nasty,
Hit'em with a pasty,
sent'em home again.

(* means the wrong way round )

poem by Charles Causley

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