Sunday, 16 May 2010

A Cornish walk

I took these photo's, while on a country walk, down the great flat load, near my home in Cornwall,in june 2008. I sometimes take my dogs for a walk down there, because the view's are breathtaking, overlooking the Cornish countryside and Tin mine's, the walk goes on for miles, their are many animal's to see down there both wild and farmyard animal's, i often take photo's, to use at a later date to draw and paint from or to scrapbook. my dog's love playing in the stream down there and people on horseback travel through their often. the hedgerow's are full of blackberries at the end of june, we like to make blackberry crumble with them, delicious!, it's great to see the baby animal's in the spring, the lambs are so cute. we never know what we'll see next down there, we saw a fox running across the path one day, and believe me that doesn't happen very often. another time we saw millions of tiny frogs, we didn't know what they were until we got up close to them. and we saw a lizard with orange spots on it's back. the baby rabbits are cute too. its amazing how much wildlife we see. well i thought i'd share these photo's with you, for you to enjoy too.


  1. love that pic of the horse looking over the fence.

  2. I'll second what Leigh said, that is such a cool photo. The cow is eye catching too, you live is a gorgeous area :)